Saturday, April 26, 2008

Earth-Mother's Day

How cool is this, celebrate Earth day and Mother's day together. It makes me want to create an official annual holiday. I think I might just do that. Check it out, click on the button to visit now

Friday, April 25, 2008

Birth Control is Evil

I used to work in a pharmacy and know what birth control does. I don't mean just the pill, I mean all birth control. I know the details of every single method. I have somehow managed to justify using it anyway ( mainly my prescription medications would cause major birth defects). Now I always was able to push the abortifacient properties into the nether regions of my mind. After all if there was no proof and I didn't feel it then it must not be doing that. Wrong! Plain and simple, I was Wrong!

I have been getting closer to God and began feeling more and more ill at ease with my chosen method (IUD-Mirena). Well I must tell you that there is a bit of back story here. I gave birth to my oldest at 18, being unwed and in college that just couldn't happen again so I went with Depo. Gradually I became more and more depressed. I gained weight and went from the Depo to combo pills. Those caused a drop in my libido and did further mental damage. My ob/gyn told me it was just in my head. Now about this time I began having abnormal paps and thus began a long battle with pre cancerous growth on my cervix that I vigilently watch to this day (never has developed into cancer so far). I went to my regular daoctor and he told me to find a new ob/gyn and that the pills were my problem most likely. I was a bit taken aback and found a new ob/gyn who agreed with my MD. So now here I was 5 years later and getting married. I staayed on the pills until I decided to try a diaphragm and then we wanted to have a baby. I was also diagnosed after my 2nd son's birth with Bi-Polar disorder and went back on BC to prevent those unwanted birth defects I mentioned, however my paps have been normal since. I felt convicted to drop the meds and use natural family planning and it worked well for a while. However, I had another BP episode and went back on the meds.

At this time (last March) I was not praying or really attending church but after awhile I realized the I kept missing pills and got afraid I might get pg so I had an IUD inserted. About 6 months ago I again stopped my meds and began to ask for God to heal my BP disorder. I feel he is working on that. My husband and I have a better relationship, we have bought a home (our first), and I thank God and praise Him for all these things. Yet I know I have something missing and that is letting him plan our family. I began to pray on this also and that's when it happened. I had proof of my IUD's abortifacient power. I have never been so ashamed in my life. I know I need to get this removed but here is where it is getting hard. God is trying to teach me something and I am listening. I must wait, I called a month ago to get the IUD removed. I was thinking it would only be a few days before I could be seen but nope, not until May 7. I during this interim have had the strongest longings for another child that I have ever had. All in His perfect timing. Please pray for me and ask God to give me strength and faith.

I do apologize if this post is a bit scattered but I am sleepy. I just really wanted to post this in case someone else was going through something similar.

What little boys are made of

I know it happens but this is the third night in a row that my youngest has woken me up before 4 am. The little darling has had earaches in both ears now and tonight was a total surprise. He is calling from the bathroom which is right outside my room. I go in to see what is wrong thinking he has a tummy ache. Now I did not turn on the light because he informs me that it hurts his eyes, so I turn on the nightlight instead. I am at this point noticing a large brown lump on the floor and some on the front of the toilet (which at this point he is still on). I inquire as to whether or not he needs wiped and what exactly were my not so awake eyes seeing. He quietly informs me that he missed the potty! What?! It takes me a few seconds to realize said lump is stinky and I flip on the overhead light, ugh! I then ask how and of course he can't figure it out himself. So out went the dirty undies, which for the life of me I can not understand how he got those dirty in the front outside, and down to the laundry I go, but not before realizing he has smeared the lid and apparently stepped into it also. As I come down the steps what greets me but a fresh mess from our loveable dog, all over hubby's Bowflex machine. What a great start to my Friday!!! Needless to say we got everybody and everything cleaned up and put back together, but not with out some grumbling. I think I need to pray for some extra patience today.

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Blogger Carnival Giveaway

I was browsing around and discovered this blog where you can sign up to various giveaways. How cool is that! I never win anything but I will enter a few anyway. I almost feel naughty, having a great time reading all the blogs involved.

On a side note, hubby and I went to Toys-R-Us yesterday. We were cooing over all the neat baby gadgets and such when it hit me. If we have any more children (God willing) we only need about $600 worth of "stuff" if that. I have it in my brain that only few things will suffice.

1. Radio flyer wagon w/ canopy $130-150

2. awesome bed that I can't remember brand for the life of me but I know it was $199.99

It was baby crib with long drawer underneath and an attached changing table with 3 drawers and

3. Any one of the reclining convertible car seats $50-100

4. An ERGO baby carrier $92

And an Extra
5. A nice comfy stroller that will grow with baby for when that cool wagon is too big $100

Of course clothing, diapers, and food are a must but I can provide that by sewing and breastfeeding. Easy!

So if you have been thinking I can't possibly afford all that baby stuff again, ask God for guidance because I bet you can! Beacause as I have seen God will show you how to make it through.

Monday, April 21, 2008

First of all

I would like to introduce myself a bit, but first why I am here. Being a military family, I have always wanted to keep a website to journal our lives. I could never find one I really enjoyed keeping, however. I am new to blogging, yet I am inspired by the ones I have found. It seems blogspot is a pretty popular place. I hope I get to make many new friends through this endevor.

I am Mandy and I am a new Christian learning to love God above all, how to be a helpmeet to my husband, to train up my children, and becoming a Proverbs 31 woman. I welcome all to join me and will help any in need, if I can.

My hope is for this to be a place of joy and peace for all who visit and an inspiration as well as a record of my journeys. My family and I welcome you warmly, relax!


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