Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Flea Circus R & R Games ~ TOS Crew Review

For our first review this year as a TOS Crew member we received a new game. My family loves playing games and even have been known to do some pretty heavy game nights. My 9 year old is especially fond of our game night events so he was perfect to try out this new game. Each member got a choice of two games and we chose Flea Circus.

Saturday, August 20, 2011

After a long break

I am finally back to blogging. We had some hardships this past summer ,we no longer own a car or a home, and through God's goodness have come through them wonderfully,however my blog has been sorely neglected. I am again sailing with TOS Crew doing reviews so please visit the Blog Hop and discover some wonderful  bloggers who are also joining the Crew this year.

Crew Blog Hop

I am having difficulty getting our things for school organized because even though we have a school room (PTL) it is a struggle to figure out where everything should go. I did not have chance to purge anything and many things I need are in storage not to see the light of day anytime soon. No worries though as The Father is my provider! I do want to point out that I am so grateful for Heart Of Dakota which is our curriculum choice for this year. The fact that it is planned out for me is a huge weight off me, God surely had planned this for us and led me to it knowing what we were to be enduring.

I plan on starting Monday with C-man my 9 y/o son in Bigger Hearts For His Glory and then next Monday my oldest B-rad will begin with Creation To Christ, Princess D my 2 y/o daughter will be doing Little Hands To Heaven with me and her brothers throughout the day. I still need to work on daily scheduling but have an idea of the direction I want to go so our first week will be getting that set for the littles then working in my oldest's studies since alot of his is independent.

Of course all this is flexible to accomodate our review items but this year I am trying to be more discerning in what we review so as not to overwhelm ourselves. I do hope for a more relaxed year this year but since this is our first year doing High School could use plenty of prayers. So here is to a great year! How are your first days shaping up?

Oh and if you are looking for my 50 States Series, it's been put on hold until we get school started and back into a routine. But don't worry I will try to do a few at a time to catch up!



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