Sunday, May 04, 2008

I am down for the count

On Friday I had my back go out on me, so for now I am on pain meds and not very coherent. Thank the Lord for my family. My youngest, who is 5, tried to help me up and is with his brother at grandma's house, Thanks mom! They are such sweet children, both asked how I was feeling when I spoke to them yesterday. I feel terrible about it, but I can't do anything but lie down or walk very slowly. I can't bend at all.
I know this is my own fault to. I have been having some trouble submitting to Craig recently and whenever he would remind me to workout I would get resentful and not do it. Well I guess God showed me, didn't he, lol. I am praying for God to come and help me be submissive and take away my pride. I was doing well for a few weeks but it seems I have not been keeping my mind on it's leash. Which in turn caused me to have no control over where my thoughts have led me. I will try to post again in a few days when I can tolerate sitting up longer.


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