50 States Of Homeschooling

Recently I have had quite a few requests from people on how to start homeschooling their children. I am so flattered God has given me this opportunity to minister to other families in this way. I am still fairly new at this myself but wish to bless others and so I thought what better way than to put some of the links up that have helped me.
I wanted this to be applicable to all families so I decided to do a blog feature weekly (I aim for Tuesdays) of each state in the United States. Each week I will highlight a bit about the requirements for homeschooling, helpful support websites, places to find curriculum, and whatever else I find helpful.
I will list each state on this page linking them to the original post so it is easier to find your state. In no particular order then:

I want to point out how important it is to do your own research. I hope my information helps you but we all need to make sure we are complying with our states laws so others who come after have the same freedoms we enjoy now.
Here is my favorite resource for a general overview of how easy (or restrictive) it is to homeschool in each state, HSLDA's State law map:

My last big bit of advice, if in doubt Google It! Seriously don’t be shy, if you need info fast do a Google search. You can Google images of homeschool classroom (you’ll find tons) to method specific curriculum (like Montessori maths). I have usually found what I am looking for within the first 3 search result pages. If you have trouble try rewording the search terms a bit.
Oh and blogs, homeschoolers of every type blog and they have been a source of unimaginable help and possibility to me. As a matter of fact check out my Bloggy friends on the left (let me know of broken links will ya) and see if something doesn’t catch your interest.
Disclaimer: In no way is this the only info you need. Do your research and do your part to keep homeschooling free for all of us. This is for informational purposes only and not legal advice.


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