Monday, February 28, 2011

Army Music Video Lessons

I have just been viewing a really exciting series of educational videos released by the United States Army. I think this is a great way to introduce your children to the wonderful brave men and women who spend their time in military service playing the music that lifts the nations spirits.

As a military spouse I really appreciate the talents that comprise the military’s bands. It swells my heart and brings a proud tear to my eye every time I hear them play. I am glad to be able to bring this series to your attention and hope you are able to really make use of them.

Army Band Offers Free Music Lessons
Instructional videos have been designed for all levels of musicians and music enthusiasts, presenting topics ranging from history and maintenance to advanced playing techniques.

Here is a sample video, make sure you pause the music player in the left sidebar.

Be sure to check out the entire Army Band Listening Room but here is the direct link to the educational video player.


Friday, February 25, 2011

Love and War

All things in life take work. Love is no less a work in progress than the rest of life’s important things. A marriage is strengthen by work. It can’t last without maintenance, it becomes stagnant and doesn’t grow.


Love and War Devotional For Couples is a great little book to help you easily incorporate the work it takes to cultivate your love for your spouse. This devotional from John and Stasi Eldredge is a quick and simple exercise in daily maintenance for your marriage. Eight weekly readings are scheduled for five days each week. A good quick reading for someone whose marriage is not in trouble but who wants to keep the flame alive.

As a note I do want to mention this is pretty much a devotional to be used one sided. What I mean by this is that you read it and then apply it to your marriage. If you are looking for something not too in depth then this might just be perfect for your situation.


Disclaimer: as a member of Blogging for Books program I received this book in exchange for my honest opinion. No other compensation was received.

TOS Review–Math Rider

The most important thing a child needs in math is a good foundation in basic arithmetic. This is also one of the biggest stumbling blocks for most children. Simply put they do not have the math facts memorized. Say all you want about the drudgery of rote memorization, the point is without it your child will not become math brained without it. Why do some children seem to just fly through advanced math concepts? They have the small pieces of information needed to solve those big problems memorized so they do not even need to stop and think about it.

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

A Library just for Homeschoolers?

Who ever heard of such a thing? Well, it is not a myth and if you are lucky enough to live in the St. Louis Metro area of MO you probably have heard about it some. We are blessed to live very close to the Family Vision Library, where you will find a variety of resources.

Sunday, February 20, 2011

Week in Review ~ Overdue

This just a real quick update since I can’t seem to post these regularly. Think of it as cliff notes in pictures. Snow, paint, reading what could be better? Oh I know Box Day! The last pic is of some of our books for next year (mostly my oldest’s high school stuff).







Friday, February 18, 2011

Apologies to my readers

I feel the need to apologize to all of you. I must unfortunately moderate my comments because I have been getting spam from the same person and I am sick of it. Please know I check my messages nightly so your comment would only take 24 hours at most to post.

I hope that by changing a few things I can avoid the spamming that has been happening. If anyone has other ideas for how to beat the spammers please let me know!


TOS Review–Kid Scoop

I have children who used to hate to read. My 8 year old was especially allergic to books. If I asked him to read more than a paragraph he would burst into tears. As he grew in confidence it did get better and he will read entire chapters if I make him but he would rather look at diagrams and not read good literature.
As a avid reader myself I was kind of at a loss as to how I might help my children become book lovers. I recently got the chance to use a product by Kid Scoop.

Friday, February 11, 2011

TOS Review–The Curiosity Files:Zombie Fire Ants

Have you ever wanted to just take some time and just explore what your kids wanted to? As a homeschooler and mother to 3 (2 of which are boys) I love when something catches my children’s eyes, however I don’t always have the time to put together a deeper study. I think I have found the answer. The Curiosity Files by The Old Schoolhouse is a unique look at all the bizarre, weird, strange and just plain gross stuff kids like, especially my boys.

Monday, February 07, 2011

Past Success

It is during these dreary days I feel the need to have my heart lifted up. I tend to get depressed when there is no sun shining. I have been feeling like we are just dragging our feet through school a bit and decided I wanted to read some old posts. I hope you’ll enjoy the following as much as I did remembering the success.




VocabAhead ~ TOS Review

Having a high school student is quite challenging to say the least. Some days I wonder if I am doing it “right” or will he be at a disadvantage for college. In my heart I know he will be fine as anything we “miss” he will learn in college, but first he has to get there. If he does well on his ACT/SAT exams he will have many more doors open to him. VocabAhead vocabulary videos is one way I can ensure I am doing my best to prepare him for what to expect on those exams.

Saturday, February 05, 2011

Change is in the air

I am being led to change some things in our homeschool. I am spending too much time trying to get my kids to pay attention. I do not remember last year being like this. We are Charlotte Mason homeschoolers and this year has felt far removed from the ideals Miss Mason espoused. I long to return to our carefree learning days, our lovely read-a-louds on the couch, the beautiful handiwork, the pride my children feel in a job well done.

MFW is a great program and we enjoyed our time using it.  I appreciate that it is local and feel honored to be able to choose such a great curriculum and to have gotten to know such a great MFW family. With that being said, my younger children will be using a different curriculum next year, one that includes all those things we missed this year.

MFW relies on the library for the read-a-louds instead of having everything in one place. I found that the library is not always my friend when I forget to return massive amounts of books. Last year I had purchased all our books we needed and loved all of them, this year the books were not so well loved and thus resulted in my forgetfulness. So while MFW fit us well it did not fit us best. We are going to go back to the lovely school we had last year and use Heart of Dakota. I will post more after I figure out just where everyone falls on the placement chart.


Friday, February 04, 2011

Dig-It Games – TOS Review

(Guest post by: B-Rad)
With all the ice and snow that we have had lately Roman Town is one fun thing we get to do while being stuck in the house. It is an interactive game in which you help with a virtual archaeological dig site. While uncovering an ancient roman town you learn about the people, places and things that made up that culture. You control a dig team to excavate artifacts from ancient Rome. After finding many artifacts you partake in solving “puzzles” to help restore the artifacts, or you can relax and play a roman game called calculi.

Wednesday, February 02, 2011

Blizzard of 2011










We had some fun today with our weather. I have been wanting to make a sensory box for Deirdre for awhile but am always worried about her putting things in her mouth she could swallow. I thought snow would be a great experience for her. This was not the first snow we have had this winter but it is the first good texture we have had. Great for packing.  She loved it so much I am going to try and come up with a box for her to play with at least one a week.



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