Friday, February 20, 2009

Baby's coming!

I had my 36 week OB appointment yesterday and good news is I am in labor(early phase). As of then I was -2 station, 3 cm. dialated, and about 50% effaced. After the doc's hubby and I did some shopping and boy those contractions just started rockin and rollin. I did have some bloody show about 4 hours later once we were home and resting but the contractions tappered off. I went out for a few more things around 7 and they increased again but by bedtime I was ready for some sleep and the contractions again slowed and faded.
Baby had been pretty quiet for the past few days, but last night was moving quite a lot. I did not sleep very well and my hips were sore this morning but I did get some sleep. I will be taking a bit of a nap here soon and probably go look at a new matteress for our bed this afternoon. We are thinking of getting a sleep number. Any reccommendations?

Update to I'm torn

I had a chance to talk to my ds about things that happened at his father's and it seems to be an incident of poor parental control settings on their computer. It is still no excuse but we had a good talk and he displayed appropriate reactions (embarrassed, etc.) and I don't believe he actually saw any harmful images as he was on a video chat site for a mere few minutes (mere seems the wrong word for this doesn't it?) and realized what it was and did not actually chat with the girl portrayed. I guess God was pulling my chain a bit and testing me. I think I handled this well and my son is now better prepared for this type of thing in the future. I do think we will reinforce things as time goes by, however. Thank you to all of you who encourage and uplift me and my family.

Monday, February 16, 2009

I am torn

My oldest is 13 and I found out from his father (whom he spends every other weekend with) that over Christmas break he accessed inappriate websites on their computer. I am devestated. I diligently watch and protect my children from these things but I have no control of his fathers lack of supervision. I suggested he password the computer in the future and I got a grown man whining about how other people use it. I couldn't believe it. He seemed more upset about the charges to his credit card and other inconviences than the damage our son has recieved to his innocence. I keep imagining what he saw and it makes me sick. My son and I have not been able to talk about this since I was only told about it Friday and he is still at his father's until Monday night. I am at such a loss as to what I should do. I am angry that it even took 2 months to be told about this. I prayed about it and since I am working on "Biblical Submission" took this to my husband who suggest we speak to our lawyer about ds's father's negligence. I feel like I am so lost at sea on this.

My ds is such a sweet caring child, innocent and comfortable in speaking to both myself and my husband (he has been in ds's life since he was 3) about puberty and sexual topics. So much so that other family found it awkward for our family to be so open. I never thought he would be a child to seek out this, I have a difficult time even believing it. I did ask him before he left about it and let him know how dissapointed we (daddy & me, meaning my hubby) were and he would not meet my eyes. My heart is breaking for this and him because I know how confused he is. At the same time I also know he knows right from wrong, and good from bad. Am I wrong for wanting to protect my child from the degradation his father apparently thinks is OK?

Sunday, February 08, 2009

God is good

I had a dr.s appt on Thursday and finally got a diagnosis for the pain I have been having since almost day 1 of this pregnancy. I finally decided to enjoy the remainder of my pregnancy. I still have bad days but God has made the good days more frequent and better than ever. The dr. told us I have a separated pelvis and referred me to a PT for some relief. I have 5 more weeks until my due date and I hope to enjoy these as much as possible.

Today the ladies of my church threw us a baby shower so now we are ready for this little blessing whenever she is. I was so touched by the wonderful people God has brought into our lives. As they were praying over me I was just so thankful to the Lord. I have never had such a loving group of friends as these.

I have washed all baby's clothes and am amazed at just how adorable and tiny everything is. It makes me think in awe of the life growing inside me.


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