Friday, October 10, 2008

Full steam ahead

Well we are officially in our fourth month and at 17 weeks the pains have not lessened. I am still trying to make the best of it but feel that all my "resting" is cheating my ohter children. Today Connor's first tooth came out (he yanked it out himself actually, he is not very patient with new things) and I was napping so I did not see it. I am a SAHM so I don't miss this stuff.

I know it's not a big deal and that taking care of myself and baby is important. I just need to eat more and shift my sleeping habits so I can enjoy my 2 boys before we recieve our newest gift. Which we get to "see" in 3 weeks by ultrasound. Craig is very excited as well as myself. I want to have the boys come see too but it is at the hospital so we have to find out if that is allowed.

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