Tuesday, January 03, 2012

Home School Spanish ~ TOS Review


We were contemplating our choices for next years foreign language studies since my teen will be doing his first of two high school credits. He has tossed around the idea of either Japanese or Spanish, so we were blessed to have an opportunity to review a very good Spanish curriculum geared especially to home schoolers called R.E.A.L. Home School Spanish.

I have always wanted to learn Spanish myself but never thought I could teach it unless I did. R.E.A.L. Home School Spanish is a very simple approach to learning a foreign language. In fact R.E.A.L. stands for RELAX, ENJOY, ASPIRE, LEARN SPANISH. sounded like something I could do but would it be enough for my teen.


Available in both print and downloadable formats R.E.A.L. Home School Spanish uses a natural and relaxed approach to learning a new language.

“You can interact with your children in an immersion environment using REAL Homeschool Spanish's east to follow "Home Educator Tips" and our unique "idea" sections which give you literally pages of suggestions on how you and your child can use Spanish during your day and throughout the week in a home learning environment/lifestyle.

Learn how to continue your language-learning journey outside of the initial  learning stage.  Play games with your child...bingo, hangman, create albums, have your child design his/her own board game...These are just a few ways for you to be able to create a personalized language-learning environment in your home.”

Included in the PDF bundle we received was a text (color and B&W), activity book, answer key, audio files, and a daily curriculum guide. I am very glad for the daily guide as I tend to not be very organized with my planning. I found this very easy to implement with my family and the fact that my children can do it together, with the littles doing a few words while the bigs do more, and it can be spread out over time to revisit the units each year building on the previously learned vocabulary.

I personally would purchase the printed materials and cd’s just because of the cost of ink and binding being an issue for me right now but the cost difference in the two formats is amazing. If you prefer to plan your week out yourself there is even a worksheet in the text for that allowing you to buy the bundle sans the daily guide.


I especially enjoyed the cultural links provided for FREE on the website. These are updated every six months with much to choose from to expand and practice your child’s grasp of Spanish. You can take a look at that section of the website HERE and while you are there check out the free Samples.

I am also pleased to note there is a high school supplement in the works so I look forward to exploring that when it is released. As it stands I feel this would be a good first year to year and a half of Spanish for a high school course.

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Disclaimer: I was provided with a free download of the above product in exchange for my honest opinion. My review is based on our family’s experience and may or may not reflect your own. No other compensation was received.

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