Tuesday, December 30, 2014

A New Year, A New Term

What I am supposed to be doing


What I am actually doing



So here I sit trying to think of ways to make tomorrow better, or I am planning my planning I  suppose you might say. My children have been using a checklist this year and while I think it works I am not crazy about it. I want something that I can put in specific instructions if I want to, but keep it simple and list like so I can easily see what they have completed each day. I am looking at something like this method Life As Mom has. It reminds me of MFW planner sheets which I like but I want o keep it to one page. Not sure I am up to the task.

Using Ambleside Online means most of my planning is done for me I just have to work out the details of when to do each reading. For some reason I am wondering if what I have been doing is working or if it is other circumstances that has my children not succeeding. All these things are making me drag my feet in the planning of our next term. I want to make it better, have them succeed, I think I need to have more firm expectations for them. Just not too sure what those should be. How do y’all refresh your students workloads?

As a CM mom I guess I am not certain how to step it up from straight narrations to something more substantial for the older crowd without giving a very specific paper topic. I think I need a few extra months to just read all I can in this area. No that’s not possible, okay I will just have to buckle down then and do my best with what I already know and fill in the gaps as I go. Man I wish I would have known about Miss Mason back in my college days!


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