Monday, March 09, 2009

Nervous and excited

Well baby is as low as can be but I am just not getting any more effaced. I am 4 cm now but still 50%. We have decided to go ahead with the induction since I now am in more pain than before. We will be going in on Wednesday at 6:30 am, not fun! I will be given a low pit protocol, which is a lower dose than normal, to try and start contractions. I am glad I declined the doc's offer to hook my water, he said today that he doesn't do many of those. I was just uncomfortable with the idea of having my water broken without any contractions, if nothing happpens I am stuck at the hospital on a time limit and it could lead to a c-section (we are inducing to try to avoid a c). Whereas with the low pit we can choose to increase the dose, stop and go home, or if it seems to be working but not very quickly break my water then. I am more in control of what is happening this way. And it is still possible that labor will start on it's own before then so I will try and keep updating. Pray that we have a baby before Wednesday because I really want to have natural labor.

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