Monday, January 25, 2010

What's in the Workbox

So we started homeschooling this past August and I recently began using the workbox method to organize the boys schoolwork. Here are some shots of today's work taken after we did the work because I forgot to do it beforehand.

Peanut's Boxes
Box 1
Devotion & Prayer sheet along with memorywork tag

Box 2

Box 3
Fun Box today was work with baby sister

Box 4
Math MEP YR2

Box 5
Lunch and Mondays is our Artist study ~ DeHooch for this term

Box 6
Fun Box Lego task card

Box 7
Drill Budokon DVD

Box 8
Latin flashcards

Box 9
Weather! By Rebecca Rupp, we picked it up at Barnes and Noble for $2.50 during their 50% sale.
We are using this to make our Weather Lapbook

Box 10
Weather video from our library

Box 11
Shakepeare book by Lamb
We are reading through The Tempest

Box 12
Tea Time and Handicraft
We read a poem daily and practice our instruments also we work on our handicraft which we are finishing up cross stitch. Peanut plays the guitar.

B-Rad's Boxes
Prayer sheet and he also works on our devotion

Box 2  Copywork

Box 3 Literature
Age of Fable including his narr. sheet

Box 4 History
ACW and narr. sheet

Box 5
Lunch and De Hooch Study pic

Box 6
Math MEP YR7

Box 7
Drill Budokon Martial Arts DVD
Skinny Diabetics need awesome workouts!

Box 8
Latin key used for flashcards (we play memorymatch)

Box 9
Archimedes and narr./notebook sheets

Box 10
Christmas Around the World (Japan) unit study

Box 11

Box 12
Tea time and Handicrafts
B-Rad has finished his handicrafts for the time being and is reading poetry from Sandburg. He also practices the drums.

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