Monday, May 10, 2010

Curriculum Part 1 - Spelling plans

I decided to go ahead and do the survey and placement tests for our spelling program now so I am prepared in the Fall to start our lessons. I think Connor tested right where I expected him but Brad tested lower than I thought he would. I am not surprised since I know how he writes and spelling is not his strong point but this was much lower than I thought considering his reading level is very high. 

I am hopeful that this program will benefit both boys and they will learn to enjoy spelling. I also am planning to somehow include Sequential Spelling for them both as a group lesson. I think they can both benefit  greatly from this course of relationships between words. It does not use traditional phonics lessons but shows the relationships instead a type of intuitive phonics if you will. I think they boys will respond well since it won't seem overly juvenile. I am starting with the first level and using the DVD with it so they can work together as I work with the baby. I really like that it is not a study type program which is the main reason I think it will work so well as a second program.

I plan on putting up some more of our curriculum we will be using this Fall. I am currently trying to reorganize our school room including our new desks for the boys. and will post on that when it is finished. We have about 3 more weeks of school before summer break is here and then things will get really crazy (and that's a whole other post)  so I am trying to get everything in order before August.

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Mrs. Mandy, I don't know much about Digital Scrapbook Artist, but from what I just Googled, I don't think you can open a PSD file, or it sounds like you might be able to save it as a PNG, then edit it from there?



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