Friday, May 28, 2010

Lil Man makes progress

I am so happy yesterday we had a break through. Many of you may not know my kids, but you know some like them. They are the kids that slip through the cracks in the public schools. The ones who are exceptionally intelligent but with behavior issues that are deemed as annoying and not "really" a disability. They are the ones who know enough to get passed on but get through it so fast that eventually they will not retain it. They won't fail in school just later in life when it really counts, right. So because of this we homeschool.

We also homeschool for other reasons but I won't go into those today. For now I am sharing my pride in our trouble spot with Connor. Connor loves to tell stories but when it comes to writing it takes 45 minutes to write 4 words and that is with much crying and teethpulling. We have been doing lapbooks lately and even that smaller amount is really hard on him. But today he was awesome. His assignment was to write about the bullets and weapons of the American revolution on a 3 piece mini-book. He wrote in complete sentence format (without asking if he can only write the important words), he wrote in his own words (where I usually write the info on the board and he copies it), AND when I told him to add more to it  he happily did so with a short discussion of what he need to add. This was done in 10 minutes tops and done right.

The things that were different; I asked my oldest to take the answer sheet and using it as his guide work with his lil bro and help him, grandmother wanted to take them to lunch, we worked on our science project lab reports and then did our lapbook at our desks (which is a new thing). I am sure it had most to do with going to lunch BUT he did beautiful, nearly perfect work and did not rush through it. I am so proud of him and his bro for working together well, and for doing such an amazing job at school today.

What I did different today; read a World News Magazine while they were actively writing or left the room.  Hmmm wonder if that'll work again?  I love that God has given me this blessing. If he had been in public school this would have not been able to be celebrated and would have passed as just another day. If it even would have happened at all. 

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