Tuesday, November 02, 2010

Elmer’s and Xacto-BZZ Agent Review

A few month’s ago I signed up to be a Buzz Agent. It’s basically a word of mouth campaign for various products. I have been using the newest kit set to me, which includes the Elmer’s and Xacto products pictured below.
elmersBzzKitIt really is no surprise that this crafty momma loved doing this Buzz Campaign. I think my favorite item was the corner punch, so smooth and easy for even my kiddos to use. I also really like the Craft Bond Glue Pen. Only the right amount right where you want it. Working with my boys to make birthday cards this worked out so well.

The Craft Bond Tape Runner was a little tough for my 8 year old to make work since the glue kept sticking to the upper opening. I personally had no real issue with it, however. All the adhesives worked well, better actually than some of what I have used in the past. I really think this is a great line for all crafters out there.
As for the scissors they worked great but only time will tell on that. It seems all my shaped scissors will be good and then down the line they start tearing more than they cut. I will have to post an update with how these work out.
If you want to become a Buzz Agent and get a chance to try some cool products like these just click HERE to get started.
Disclosure: I am a Buzz Agent and as such have been provided a free sample from the manufacturer in exchange for providing my honest opinion on the product. No other compensation has been received.

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