Wednesday, November 10, 2010

The Write Foundation- TOS Review

I was very excited to receive this writing curriculum for my 15 year old reluctant writer. It is presented as a pick up and go type of product, yet I was overwhelmed at first, it's a lot to prep and understand before you get into it.  I was hoping this would work for our family but it did not. My son actually said he hated it and it made him not want to write even more. I would say he was exaggerating but he actually said how much he hated it, every time I pulled it out it was a battle.
I asked him what he thought the problem was and he said it crams too much together. I think he is correct but it is more the way it is laid out, very step by step. This seemed like overkill to him, I think. Other families may need this for their children, however.
 The lesson plan page is at the end of each lesson not the beginning. It just does not seem to be laid out very logically. Also it seems as though it is geared toward a classroom setting or at the very least a co-op. As I home school, I do not give homework which is just a repeat of the lesson.
What I ended up with was a curriculum I won’t use for now. My younger children may very well benefit from this especially if I take the time to lay it out a bit better. But for now I can not take that time and will shelve this one. I do look forward to trying it again.
The complete curriculum package for each level includes a spiral instruction manual, loose leaf student worksheets, and an additional resources CD, 30 lessons for $100 each or 15 lessons for $65. The student worksheets are also available for $25 for 30 lessons and $15 for 15 lessons. I selected Level 2: Paragraph Writing of The Write Foundation. This level is recommended for ages 12-15 and has specific recommendations available on how to choose your level.
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Please visit the TOSCrew to read other opinions on this product. Please don’t base your curriculum choices on one review, what didn’t work for us may very well be perfect for you.
Disclosure: I was provided a sample of this product from the publisher in exchange for my honest opinion as part of the TOS Crew. No other compensation was received.


Debbie said...

You left a comment over on my blog and I answered you over there but I thought I would come read your review. I do not think you were harder on the curriculum than I was. You just put it a different way. This curriculum may very well work for your younger children later. Each child and each family has different dynamics. Even the way we homeschool changes over the years. I am sure if you read all the reviews that the TOS crew did for this product you would find a variety of reviews. It takes all kinds you know... even in homeschooling!

momma24 said...

good job on your review. this one seemed to be a struggle for several of us. maybe it will work for you guys in a few years.


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