Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Flea Circus R & R Games ~ TOS Crew Review

For our first review this year as a TOS Crew member we received a new game. My family loves playing games and even have been known to do some pretty heavy game nights. My 9 year old is especially fond of our game night events so he was perfect to try out this new game. Each member got a choice of two games and we chose Flea Circus.

Using a special deck of cards each player tries to create a spectacular flea circus show and collect the most cats and dogs which are the audience spectators. The winner is the person with the most spectator points at the end of the show. This game is a fast paced back and forth change of hands. There are chances to lose your spectators to both other players and the Animal catcher so it’s truly anybody’s game.
Our Thoughts:
       This game was perfect for my 9 y/o son and we all enjoyed it’s simple concept and design. It subtly reviews simple addition while being fun for all ages. I really liked the quality of the materials personally. The cats and dogs are made from a flexible rubber like plastic and the cards are durable and have great graphics.
We had a casualty however, the dog likes the cats too (no really our dog tried to eat a cat) and so now we have 20 dogs and 19 cats instead of the 20 it came with. I think it would be good if the game came with a couple extra pieces in case of accidents like ours.
Overall we really loved this game and even my 2 year old was able to play with help even though the target ages are 6+. This has been a great fun addition to our home and is such an easy quick way to review addition during school. Even my high-schooler was surprised at how fun the back and forth component was. The rules were easy to understand and enabled us to begin to play the game in no time at all.
R & R Games – Flea Circus Award winning game
Cost: $15.95
Ages 6+
Players 2-6
Contact Info:
R&R Games, Inc.,
PO Box 130195,
Tampa, FL 33681
Phone: 1-888-8RIDDLE
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Disclaimer: I received the above named product in return for my honest review. I have not been compensated in any other form.


Keri said...

This looks like a perfect addition to add to our already BIG collection of games :)

Making homeschool fun using everything from wordsearch to web games!

Heather @ Marine Corps Nomads said...

Oh no! That poor little kitty. A few extra pieces sounds like a good idea to me as I know that kids will like playing with the pieces as well, so a piece or two may go mia. ;)


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