Sunday, December 28, 2014

On Happy Holidays

I trust you all are well fed and feeling warm fuzzies after the holidays. If not (and I know there are plenty that are not) I truly am sorry and my prayers are with you. I myself have had no real reason to be exceptionally happy this season, my husband is still out of work and my family is living with my parents for the 4th year in a row, which is cause to much heartache and trial. However this year I reached down, I mean way down into my prideful self and did something I don’t usually do. I let it be known that we needed help. I shared with our new church family on only our second visit how bad things have gotten and how despair has been creeping into my heart and pushing the Lord out. My pastor’s instant action was prayer, which had I not been with my children would have brought me to my knees, and an offer of gifts. I was floored!

The following week I had friends and family provide even more. I was astonished! As the weeks turned to days before Christmas I was beginning to worry about not having enough money to pay for our storage unit (which has nearly everything we own in it) and losing our things to auction. My amazing friends you have bought soap from me in that time of worry and given me enough that the weight is lifted. I am so grateful and filled with joy!

Needless to say the night before Christmas I was the one who could not sleep I was in awe and wonder of the goodness of my Lord and Savior. He worked it out for His glory. This Christmas was the best one ever and my children were so thrilled over all of their gifts, each one chosen with love, kindness, and care. Thank you dear angels, my cup runneth over.



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PlainJane said...

I'm so sorry you guys have had such a tough time of it for so long... my prayers are with you. Happy to hear that you were able to bless others by allowing them to give and that you had such a great holiday. AND, happy that your new soap & body butter business is helping you all through it. Much Love Dear Friend. ♥


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