Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Blogger Carnival Giveaway

I was browsing around and discovered this blog where you can sign up to various giveaways. How cool is that! I never win anything but I will enter a few anyway. I almost feel naughty, having a great time reading all the blogs involved.

On a side note, hubby and I went to Toys-R-Us yesterday. We were cooing over all the neat baby gadgets and such when it hit me. If we have any more children (God willing) we only need about $600 worth of "stuff" if that. I have it in my brain that only few things will suffice.

1. Radio flyer wagon w/ canopy $130-150

2. awesome bed that I can't remember brand for the life of me but I know it was $199.99

It was baby crib with long drawer underneath and an attached changing table with 3 drawers and

3. Any one of the reclining convertible car seats $50-100

4. An ERGO baby carrier $92

And an Extra
5. A nice comfy stroller that will grow with baby for when that cool wagon is too big $100

Of course clothing, diapers, and food are a must but I can provide that by sewing and breastfeeding. Easy!

So if you have been thinking I can't possibly afford all that baby stuff again, ask God for guidance because I bet you can! Beacause as I have seen God will show you how to make it through.

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