Monday, April 21, 2008

First of all

I would like to introduce myself a bit, but first why I am here. Being a military family, I have always wanted to keep a website to journal our lives. I could never find one I really enjoyed keeping, however. I am new to blogging, yet I am inspired by the ones I have found. It seems blogspot is a pretty popular place. I hope I get to make many new friends through this endevor.

I am Mandy and I am a new Christian learning to love God above all, how to be a helpmeet to my husband, to train up my children, and becoming a Proverbs 31 woman. I welcome all to join me and will help any in need, if I can.

My hope is for this to be a place of joy and peace for all who visit and an inspiration as well as a record of my journeys. My family and I welcome you warmly, relax!


Kyra said...

WELCOME to the Blogging Community!

Thanks for entering my Bloggy Giveaway and for leaving a comment on another post!

MCC said...

Welcome! This community is an amazing thing. I've even joined a blogger small group. We study scriptures w/ other folks around the globe.

Thanks for entering my contest!


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