Friday, February 20, 2009

Baby's coming!

I had my 36 week OB appointment yesterday and good news is I am in labor(early phase). As of then I was -2 station, 3 cm. dialated, and about 50% effaced. After the doc's hubby and I did some shopping and boy those contractions just started rockin and rollin. I did have some bloody show about 4 hours later once we were home and resting but the contractions tappered off. I went out for a few more things around 7 and they increased again but by bedtime I was ready for some sleep and the contractions again slowed and faded.
Baby had been pretty quiet for the past few days, but last night was moving quite a lot. I did not sleep very well and my hips were sore this morning but I did get some sleep. I will be taking a bit of a nap here soon and probably go look at a new matteress for our bed this afternoon. We are thinking of getting a sleep number. Any reccommendations?

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