Sunday, February 08, 2009

God is good

I had a dr.s appt on Thursday and finally got a diagnosis for the pain I have been having since almost day 1 of this pregnancy. I finally decided to enjoy the remainder of my pregnancy. I still have bad days but God has made the good days more frequent and better than ever. The dr. told us I have a separated pelvis and referred me to a PT for some relief. I have 5 more weeks until my due date and I hope to enjoy these as much as possible.

Today the ladies of my church threw us a baby shower so now we are ready for this little blessing whenever she is. I was so touched by the wonderful people God has brought into our lives. As they were praying over me I was just so thankful to the Lord. I have never had such a loving group of friends as these.

I have washed all baby's clothes and am amazed at just how adorable and tiny everything is. It makes me think in awe of the life growing inside me.

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