Friday, July 09, 2010

Forced redesign

I hope you all like my new blog design! I think it is cute but it wasn’t my plan to change it. I liked what I had and spent a fair amount of time tweaking it to be perfect. Let me explain. I didn’t have a choice.
I had gotten my blog background from Scrappin Blogs and they used photobucket to host their images. They were informed by photobucket that they had so many people using their account that they must now pay for the service as a business. Scrappin Blogs is a free site so they had to pull all their images from photobucket.
For now I have had to find something use to replace my chosen background. Scrappin Blogs intends to stay free and is looking for alternative hosting sites. I so look forward to the day they are back up and running because their stuff is so cute!
I think I might be willing to pay a small fee to use their backgrounds if it comes to that. You can read about it here


Heidi said...

Oh, I hate when things like that happen because I'm not a fan of change (unless it's MY idea). However, your blog looks cute!

Tina Hollenbeck said...

Hi, Amanda! I found you on the MFW Blog Roll - I love to connect with other MFW moms. :^) I hope you can visit my place, too:


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