Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Not Just For The Elderly

I want to introduce you to a wonderful resource we have found the need for as a newly diabetic family. Since my son has been diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes AND he is so super skinny with ADHD I have an intense fear of him crashing out and not being awake or aware enough to get himself help. With the possibility of a crash comes with the very real threat of death or coma. I fear for my son being alone. He is so very young and impulsive which means not always checking his sugars like he should.
I try to never leave him alone but I don’t want to smother him either. He needs his space as he grows into a young adult. He is 14 and I want to be able to show him I trust him by leaving him in charge of the youngers once in a while.
This however is a very dangerous situation to put him in. What happens if he is caring for them and crashes. My 8 y/o knows to call 911 and watch his sister until help gets there but will he remember to tell them his brother is diabetic? What if he is feeling low and gets confused and disorientated, leaving them alone.
To solve the second issue we make our outings short (less than 15-30 minutes usually) and check to make sure he is not low before we leave. The first however has been solved with a product from Lauren’s Hope! They have been a blessing since we heard about their amazing products.
Lauren’s Hope is a medical alert/ID company that makes some very cool ID products. At 14 years old my son carries a messenger bag with him at all times. It has all his Diabetic supplies in it including his emergency Glucagon. This is what a first responder will need to save his life. We knew he needed to have some way to make sure others knew to look for it and so decided to get B-Rad a dog tag like the one below but in Gold. He really likes it and I feel better knowing that if something happens someone will know what to do because he has his ID.
dogtagmedid This is just one of the hundreds of items and styles available. They are just so cute and fun.

Eventually I think we will get a tattoo for him that I designed. It won’t have all the info like the ID’s do but even an ID can come off in accidents and such so since that is his worry we will be doing that for him when he gets his license to drive. It will of course have something to do with video games and probably look like this…
If you have reason’s you should be using a medical ID device please don’t hesitate. They have some very beautiful things in every price range. Go to Lauren’s Hope today and place your order, it will help give you at least a little peace of mind.


Shannon said...


I'm sorry to hear that you and your family joined "the club". Ginger was diagnosed at age 2. If there's anything I can do, or you just want to vent, shoot me an email. Fellow diabetes-mom and crewmate...

Mrs. Mandy said...

Hey Shannon thanks! I am just so worried about him because he goes to visit his father and comes home all out of sync. I spend half the time he is here trying to get back into a routine with him. His dad's house is pretty much hands off and do what you want unless we have somewhere to be so it's like 2 different worlds for him.


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