Saturday, July 03, 2010

Happy Independence Day

Although I love fireworks to celebrate our freedoms in this country I do not love those that flaunt their disrespect of that hard won freedom by shooting them off illegally. My husband is one of the many that fights for our freedom everyday. I appreciate the freedom we do have. I also help by obeying the laws that are in place for all of us.

For the past week and a half I have had to endure the barrage of fireworks in small city which has banned them. The police have no real way to enforce the laws that are being broken because there are so many who break them. My city does not even allow them to be sold let alone set off. A perk I thought when we bought our home four years ago. Boy was I wrong.
I had assumed that it wouldn’t be such an issue. The houses are very close together and it is illegal to set them off. Surely people, my neighbors, would use common sense. Nope, I just pray to God that no one’s house burns down. Of course if it does maybe they will obey the laws more, but I doubt it.
So all this to say have a very happy and SAFE Independence Day!

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