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Math Tutor DVD Review

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Pre-Algebra I
My older son was helping with this review and while we were optimistic it really fell flat. I really enjoyed the brush up on Pre-Algebra myself, my son however has just finished it. Here is what he had to say about the Pre-Algebra I tutor DVD:

  • The first 8 1/2 minutes is an intro and it was spoken very quickly, I got bored with it.

  • Lesson 1 on Real Numbers- very dry but thorough, lecture no exercises. I found it difficult to stay focused on the audio. Now this is just my son for the most part. I believe, for all of those who are strong auditory learners this will work very well. I know my son and he is very hands on just like his mom, lol! If we had a couple of exercises to do during the lessons it would have made it a huge hit!
    They do have a worksheet CD for $24.99 for Basic, Algebra I, and Algebra II math available. All DVD’s include a 100% money back guarantee to raise your student’s grades.

    The great thing about this DVD though is a student new to Pre-algebra will really be able to see the concepts as a whole through the white board examples and the teacher’s explanations. There is also a Pre-Algebra II for those students further along in their studies.
    Pre-Algebra I contained on 2 discs for a total of 5 hours of material.
    Price: $26.99
    Texas Instruments TI-84 Calculator
    This DVD is a great aid for all those families using the super expensive graphing calculators that no one understands. I did not have the actual calculator used in this but you don’t need one to benefit. The video is set up as a smart board with a virtual calculator display. I thought this was very cool!
    I remember back in high school and college using a calculator that, unless my instructor told me specifically how to do the work on it, I always felt lost using.  I was looking forward to seeing graphing calculators in a brand new way. Something to discover and experiment with.
    This tutorial is a great way to learn along with your student. Math is not my strong suit but I never felt this was dumbed down and I was still able to understand it quite easily. It begins with a quick over view of the functions and then dives into each in depth.
    Of the two DVD’s I really liked this one since we would get more use out of it currently. It almost has me wanting to buy the calculator it uses for my son to use, almost.
    Texas Instruments TI-84 Calculator is contained on 3 discs for a total of 8 hours of learning.
    Price: $26.99

  • In addition to the 2 DVD’s I received there is a membership you can purchase for $19.95/month. This includes all Online Math Courses & Online Math Tutoring
    - View all Courses Online 24/7
    - Download Worksheets
    - View Unreleased Courses
    - Discussion Forums
    - Save 25% on all DVDs!

    I am really interested in this choice since it includes worksheets and discussion forums. This would be a great addition to our home school since it includes so much of the advanced stuff my oldest would need to go into computers like he wants.
    Here is a listing of the courses they currently have available (they are releasing new ones all the time):
     Basic Math DVDs
    Young Minds DVDs
    Basic Math DVDs
    Word Problem DVDs
     Mental Math DVDs
    Mental Math DVDs
     Algebra DVDs
    Pre-Algebra DVDs
    Algebra 1 DVDs
    Algebra 2 DVDs
    Algebra Word Problems
    Advanced Algebra DVDs
    Matrix Algebra DVDs
     TI Calculator DVDs
    TI Calculator Tutor DVDs
     Geometry Trig DVDs
    Geometry DVDs
    Trig / Pre-Calculus
     Calculus DVDs
    Calculus Tutor DVDs
    Adv. Calculus 2 DVDs
    Calculus 3 DVDs
    Differential Equations DVD
     Physics DVDs
    Physics 1 DVD
    Physics 2 DVDs
    Physics 3 DVDs
    Unit Conversion DVDs
     Probability DVDs
    Probability & Statistics DVD
    There is the option of buying a discounted bundled package to fit your needs. Each DVD tutorial is priced differently so make sure you explore what they have to offer before you make your purchase.
    About the company: Math Tutor DVD is the creation of Jason Gibson, the instructor you will watch on the videos, a former NASA Flight Controller with a very impressive background. He claims he is not a math genius,”Truthfully, I wish I were a genius, but I am most certainly not… Everyone else, like you and me, just need to be introduced to the right instructor early on to break the process down and make the topics understandable.  With understanding comes confidence, and confidence is 100% the name of the game in math and science.” You can read more about Jason here.
    Make sure you visit the TOS Crew blog to get opinions from other reviewers  please make your decision an informed one!
    Disclaimer: I am a reviewer for The Old Schoolhouse Magazine’s Homeschool Crew. I receive products to review for free in return for my honest opinion. I have received the above products for this purpose from Math Tutor DVD. I have not received any financial compensation for my review.

    Jesmicwilmom said...

    Too bad your son did not enjoy the DVD, but sounds like the Calculator one will be helpful. Hadn't thought that this may not work well for non-auditory learners. Good thought.

    Briana said...

    Hello, Mrs. Mandy. I am visiting all of my fellow mini crew mates this morning. I think my son and I are more visual learners 'cause we liked the pre algebra dvd. I could see how being an auditory learner could make this one harder to like. Great, honest review!

    Have an excellent weekend!

    The Adventurer said...

    Hi, just having a free moment to read a few blogs. Stopping by to say hi. My kids are a bit young for this but I will keep it in mind.


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