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Have you ever logged on to your computer to check your email and saw something that made you wish you never opened it it the first place? How about thinking your teen was all snug in bed but come to find out he has found some sites that are disgraceful at best.


We all want to protect our children’s minds and a having a computer in the home is making that job near impossible lately.

I hope none of you ever have to deal with this, but we have. My oldest has been caught looking for porn. He doesn’t do it regularly and I honestly think it is a case where some (public school) friends have put him up to it. I find it disturbing though, as I password my computer, it has been right under my nose.

This was not recently but about a year or so ago, yet I still always wonder if I am being vigilant enough. So now that I was asked to review the PG Key I am grateful. I had never heard of it before but it sounded promising. You can block certain things, keep record of what is being accessed just by watching screen shots like a video, and get email alerts to certain activity.






From the website:

"These aren't your mother's parenting challenges..."

PG Key was created and endorsed by a team that includes internet security specialists, law enforcement, educators, parenting experts and family psychologists to give you the first complete internet safety solution. PG Key gives you everything you need to keep your children and teens safe online and be alerted and informed when dangers do come up – all with one simple, plug in device.”

Great choice for homeschoolers especially!

It really was that simple to use, just plug it in and go. It takes screen shots of ALL computer activity. I felt so much better! After I set up a list of things to block and time limits, which was super simple to do, on the site I tried a few random searches. It blocked about 80% of what I searched. 

Here is the downside, if I searched through my browser toolbars it was less effective in what was blocked. If I used the webpage to search it worked well. A tech savvy kid can figure that out. However I found the other benefits more beneficial. Being able to have a “set of eyes” on my kids at all times is something they (and I) need.

I definitely recommend getting this for anyone with kids as it is a great product and well worth the price but it will not replace mom or dad being diligent in teaching what is right and good nor will it replace vigilant watchfulness. 

Company: PG Key LLC
              2585 N 1st Ave
              Tucson, AZ  85719

Phone: 800-301-8698     website:

Price: $49.95 but they have a free trial you can do for 30 days

Memory: 60 hours

Please remember to make an informed choice by visiting TOSCrew to read other opinions on this product. 


Disclosure: This review is in exchange for a free trial of the PG Key I received. It is my honest opinion and no other compensation was provided to me.

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