Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Tot Swap ~ Busy Bag Swap

I recently participated in an awesome swap. If you have never been involved in a swap they are the best way to get new items or ideas for a minimal amount of time and money. Depending on the theme you create a project for a set number of participants and mail it to the swap organizer who then divides all the goodies up and sends them out to the members of the swap so everyone gets one of each item that was sent in.


So I was part of my first swap. It was a toddler busy bag swap, creating fun activities for pre-k ages. My daughter is 31 months old and has been begging to do school with her big brothers which generally results in a messy house/schoolroom. I was so excited to see what we would get, but I was not even remotely prepared for D’s reaction when the box came.


She was so excited and wanted to dig right in to EVERYTHING!


I created 10 sensory bags that the child matches items by feeling them. In return I received 3 different sized button snakes, a cupcake counting game, 2 different fishing games, a bead matching activity, lacing shape activity, Build-A-Frog, and a pompom tweezing activity.



I am excited to have so many neat things for my daughter learn and play with. She is showing me so many things she already knows and it just amazes me how fast she is picking things up. I can’t wait to sign up for my next swap!


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Family Style School said...

That looks like so much fun! What a great idea.


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