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Visual Latin ~ TOS Review


We had an opportunity to check out a new to us Latin curriculum. We had been using a program we truly loved that is textbook based. When I saw a chance to try something new based on videos I thought it might be a fun change of pace, especially for my high schooler.


Compass Cinema produced Visual Latin is a DVD based Latin curriculum that incorporates humor in each lesson, recreates the immersion experience in the classroom, and requires little teacher prep or interaction. Moving from grammar to reading to translating the Latin Bible, it is very much a self paced, self taught program. Visit Compass Cinema to view a sample of free lessons.

Visual Latin | A Quick Explanation from Compass Cinema on Vimeo.

Visual Latin is, in my opinion a very well thought out and impressive curriculum. We found it engaging and easy to slow down or speed up where needed. Each lesson is broken up into 3 sections, A-grammar, B-sentences, and C-reading, with PDF worksheets for each. We worked at a slower pace doing one section a day for three days a week for a single lesson a week pace. Each video is between 5 – 8 minutes long so doing a single lesson in one day certainly is not a strenuous pace. Two lessons a week is the recommendation for an average pace.


My son enjoyed the videos and liked the humor. He felt that he retained the info with little effort and the lessons were short and sweet. As Charlotte Mason home schoolers these lessons were wonderful as each is simple, concise and teaches usable information right away instead of a repetitive list of words you could not use in conversation.


I highly recommend this program for anyone who wants an independent program for their student. If I had the money I would be buying the entire series since my son liked them so much. It can be used for students from ages 9 and up. While Visual Latin is not enough for high school credit you can read here the suggestions on how to make it so easily along with other FAQ’s. Compass Classroom’s blog is a great place to check for updates and other info.

Visual Latin – Latin 1 Download $25 (10 lessons) or $75 (all 30 lessons)/DVD $80 (lessons 1-30)
                     Latin 2 Download $25/DVD $30 (lessons 31-40 with more coming)

Also check out the online lessons for Lingua Latina HERE which you could use for High school credit.


The Compass Store
609 West Iris Drive
Nashville, Tennessee 37204


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Disclaimer: I was provided the first 10 lessons of the above product for free in exchange for my honest opinion.

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Sarah said...

Great review - I can't wait till my 7 year old will be able to use it. I tried it on my 9 year old who doesn't really care for Latin but she humored me. I liked Visual Latin.

Over from the TOS review comment club.


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