Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Wits and Wagers ~ TOS Review


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northstar_games_logoWe decided years ago to just accept the facts. We are a gaming family. We have a weekly tradition of playing some kind of role playing game or other board game. Every week we pick a fun game and try to beat the pants off each other. What we usually avoid playing are trivia type games since the littles are at a disadvantage.


Imagine my surprise when we received NorthStar Games Wits and Wagers Family game, a new twist on trivia based games. Geared for ages 8+ and 3-10 players (we have used only 2 players with no problem), each player or team answers one of 300 trivia questions.  Instead of getting the answer right or wrong you bet on whose answer is closest to correct without going over, using cute wooden people shaped pieces called Meeples. This has made it so much more fun for my family. It is less about the trivia answer and more about guessing who has the right answer so it is very relaxed and fun for the younger players.


This is one of our new favorite games, the dry erase component is a huge draw for my youngest and my 9 year old doesn’t feel like everyone else knows things he does not. I love that the trivia questions are more of an educational type than useless information normally found with typical trivia games. Each answer is in the form of a number and the card gives more information with the answer which is kind of nice for children like mine who always like to know who, what, where, when, why things are the way they are.


Sold in various national retailers go Here to find the nearest location or purchase through Amazon.com. Prices vary according to retailers.

Disclaimer: As a TOS Crew reviewer I received a copy of the above product in exchange for my honest opinion.


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