Saturday, November 19, 2011

WIR Unit 9 and 10

Our last two weeks have been a bit up and down since this pregnancy has me in some pain lately. I was planning on finishing everything today but only got part of the way through Bigger day 5. I also lost my camera a bit and was bummed I missed some of our projects.
We are still learning about Ben Franklin and his many experiments and contributions to our country’s founding. In Art we used letter stamps to simulate how a printing press would work and made some nice initial prints and also made a kite painting to remind us of Franklin’s kite experiment. We also learned about making maps to scale and map perspectives in Geography.
Our character traits have been so spot on with what we need to work on these last two weeks. Thriftiness and Wisdom are very important traits since we are in a place where a lack of those on my part have resulted in some tough experiences. I am so thankful HOD is so timely with these!

We began learning about em dashes used in poetry to signal a pause and about John Audubon in Science. My son so enjoyed doing Apologia’s Flying Creatures of the Fifth Day last year that this is a huge hit with him. We had so much fun with demonstrating the 5 types of flight. I hope this winter we get the chance to see some amazing birds like we did last year.




Poetry Copywork
In Math we are reviewing Metric and Multiplication and in Grammar verbs. I am wondering if we should speed up our dictation lessons because they are seeming too easy yet I don’t want to skip any and move to another level. I may just do two passages at a time until C-man hits one he needs to work on.

In Language Arts we are also using DITHOR to work our way through a variety of types of literature. This week we were learning about setting and Character mapping.
I have put tot school on the back burner for now and we are just doing free exploration right now. I am still setting out activities for Princess D but we are not doing anything very structured since she is having some issues with following directions and not sleeping well lately. I think it may be time to give up the nap. I am going to try to readjust our schedules and see how that helps.


B-rad has been taking very long days to do his work, sometimes until 9 or later at night, taking to many breaks. I think earlier days are in order here too. Algebra is going well, and he is finally finishing up the various kingdoms in Biology is about to move on to the study of atoms and the chemistry of life.
Ancient History has been full of studying the life of King David. Making a sling this week as his project was very cool, he is a great shot! A great introduction to Biblical Law has begun and I think now is a perfect time to begin studying Torah as a family. Of course all the children had to try on the Philistine helmet from last week.
Dhelmetphil helmetcmanphilhelmetctc

philhelmetLanguage Arts has been a struggle as writing is not a favorite with this child. Although while reviewing a SAT Prep course I think he realizes the importance of being a good writer. Poetry is a bit of a struggle usually being done last. While his painting skills are improving and he is producing very nice paintings, he does not like the time it is taking to do them. He did very well on his recitation from last week.
sling 1sling2sling3

We are finally in a groove with Latin, Technology, and Life Skills. PE has been spotty, it is amazing to me how easy it is to forget about moving with purpose. I am a member of Latin Alive’s Yahoo group and it has made a huge difference in helping us when we get stuck and there are some great printable resources for each chapter!

I hope everyone has a blessed Thanksgiving this week!

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