Sunday, November 20, 2011

Time Timer ~ TOS Review


I really enjoy each item we review for the most part but when I got the chance to use The Time Timer I thought “Oh this is just what I need!” I have the worst time trying to keep track of our time for each subject. In the past I have purchased numerous timers all with the same result, they go off and are disturbing or too quiet and unobtrusive and I forget about them.


What I did not anticipate is for my son to love this little product just as much as I did if not more! I can’t tell you how many times a day he uses it by himself, nor how often he exclaims, “Mom, I love this timer!” So not only did I get a great product but I have a child who loves to use it and is becoming more independent because of it! Go Time Timer!


So basically this timer counts down time with a visual. Do you see the red section in the pictures? That gets smaller as time passes and then when time is up you get a nicely audible but not scary short beep, it’s perfect. I received the 3” version which has a protective cover made from clear frosted plastic. This cover has come in handy more than just to protect the timer itself. We have discovered it is very functional to hide the numbers but allow the colored visual to remain visible for those times when my son fixates on “how many minutes left”. This is huge as he will freak out over not having what he sees as enough minutes or too many minutes left on an activity.


This timer comes in handy for so many things cooking, school work, projects, computer time, etc. Definitely worth getting a few for Christmas gifts or even for yourself for different rooms of the house. I myself had to search a few times after the children “borrowed” it for their activities in other parts of the house, but that is a good thing!



3” model – $30
8” model – $35
12” model – $40 

PC/Apple CD - $24.00
Wristwatch - $40.00

Also available are blank faces and stickers to personalize your timer to specific tasks, puzzles, and and I-Pad App available at I-Tunes for $1.99.

Please visit Time Timer Store to purchase

Orders placed in the United States and those which total over $50 receive free shipping.

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Disclaimer: I was provided with the above product to review for free in exchange for my honest opinion. No other compensation was received.

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Lisa said...

I think this would really help kids realize how much time they have left to finish what they are doing.


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