Saturday, November 12, 2011

Week 8 ~ HOD WIR

Using Heart of Dakota has been such and enormous blessing to our family yet lately I have been wondering if I am not pushing my children enough. I have family who are worried because my 9 y/o son does not know his multiplication tables and others who think my oldest in high school should be doing less hands on and more book work. That maybe I should have my 4th grader doing extensions in his curriculum even though he is only a year and a half away from loathing reading and just beginning to bloom with books. I even thought that maybe another curriculum may be better for my oldest *GASP*!

Bigger for the 4th grader

This week’s art project was a big hit with both the tot and the 4th grader!

Hymn study with lots of beautiful singing going on.

Science note booking after our experiment that was nearly blown away. Unfortunately I did not get any pictures of that!

Cursive, which is going well enough but he is such a perfectionist some days and other days not so much. I am thinking he is just not seeing the point of cursive right now.

History Project –we forgot to leave a door in our fort but at least our settlers are safe.


Story time with Snow Treasure narration on the left and climax diagramming on the right.

CTC for the High Schooler

History Project – Joshua and the 12 tribes of Israel Crossing of the Jordan


Write With The Best – working on Descriptive paragraphs this week.

Apologia Biology – sometimes this takes music to really concentrate

Reading Hittite Warrior for History
Tot school – when it works

Doing some geography with the globe

Playdough geometry – I even made it myself I feel so productive!

Prewriting and shapes drawing

Not even 3 and has a sense of humor! She was being so cute with her pencil and then when I went to snap her picture she did thisPA300054

nice huh?!
I think my thoughts have made our last week drag on but I am hopeful that God will make his will for our family known and get us back on track. I realized my children are right where He wants them and where they are thriving. My oldest had an “I Got It” moment with Algebra yesterday. My 9 y/o loves math and continues to each day eagerly complete his assignments. My daughter, at 32 months, understands so much more than I ever thought possible yet pre-k is not quite an interest full time for her. We are at a strange and uncomfortable place, living with family, but I see everyday how God is using it to grow us even when we resist Him. If I had a fear of man instead of a fear of the LORD I would long ago have neglected to see the miracles that are my children.
I still have some doubts about things and whether or not I am doing what I should BUT I am learning to trust the LORD and not everyone else’s opinions.
Monday we finish up week 9 and I will have that post up then. So how are your plans coming along?

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Tasha said...

Good for you!!! Sometimes family means well, but you know what's best for your children. Nothing wrong with constructive criticism (if done properly) but at the end of the day you are mom and you want your kids to succeed more than anyone else does. Keep up the good work, and oh, btw...I agree w/ your son about the cursive writting. LOL


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