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I See Cards Fractazmic ~ TOS Review


I have to admit I am awful at math. No really it’s true! I know what you are saying, how do I teach my children if I am so absolutely not a mathematical person? Well the truth is my kids are way better at doing math than me, so either they are little geniuses or I must be doing something right. I prefer to think it’s me!boys math review

However, back to reality, it is not me. It is some of the awesome math products we have used over the years to help me make learning math something they like. It’s true my kids love math. One of the more recent products we have used to help encourage that love is Fractazmic by I See Cards.


We had a great time reviewing and learning about fractions and their equivalents. My boys are 9 and 16 and while my oldest had no trouble my younger son had a bit of a time “getting” the game. The instructions that came with the cards was not very clear to us. So I decided to check to see if there might be a video to help us and I found the one below to be a pretty good one.

I think with a little adjustment in the directions this would be a perfect game for not only practicing fractions but learning fraction equivalents, perhaps an included chart showing fraction equivalents. You can download a booklet HERE showing how to play other games with Fractazmic cards.

fractazmic cards

Geared toward grades 1st – 8th Fractazmic is fun for the whole family. Each deck of 60 cards is divided into 3 suits:

  • tenths – Green suit
  • twelfths – Blue suit
  • sixteenths – Red suit

On each card is a fraction and a visual representation of that fraction. Made from durable materials these cards are great as a gifts and will really hold up to many rounds of play.

Cost is a mere $6.95 per deck

Contact info:

I See Cards contact page

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Disclaimer: I n exchange for my honest opinion I received the above mentioned product. I based my review on actual experience and usage of the product within my own family. Your results may vary. No other compensation was received.

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