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Artistic Pursuits ~ TOS Review

I love art and my children always have so much fun when we do art lessons. However, one area I find so difficult to teach is the history part of art. Incorporating it into our lessons is usually not very successful and admittedly the first thing we tend to leave out when we are in a time crunch.


Enter a curriculum that has just made my entire year! Artistic Pursuits sent us the first book of their High School level art course to review and I am so thrilled.

An art appreciation /art history course in one written directly to the student is just what I needed to get my students to really learn the masters behind the art we look at, create, and love everyday.


Artistic Pursuits has a course designed for every age/grade level. Since I reviewed the Senior program and have a high school student I really appreciated the credit breakdown and ability to modify it. The information on building a portfolio was also a tremendous help to us.
You can find that information HERE.

Senior High is divided into two years/books. The first is The Elements of Art and Composition, which is suggested as a 2 hour per week class. Units 1-7 cover the aspects of Art Elements and Units 8-16 cover Composition. An evaluation sheet is included to aid in grading and evaluating student work, very useful for those not well versed in the process of art concepts or unsure about how to grade art. Each Unit is broken down into 4 lessons:

  • Vocabulary


  • History and Appreciation


  • Technique


  • Application


Each lesson has an exercise or activity assignment color coded in red for easy and quick focus.

One of the wonderful things about this particular level is that my son can do his artwork completely independently. Which, I do not love because I want to be involved, yet I get his need for creating art privately. So it is perfect that he can do each lesson, we can discuss the concept and then he can go off and create art with the assignments.

Another thing my son stated he really liked is that there is no preconceived idea that his drawings have to look like any other persons only that he is developing his ability to really look at art and practice the techniques while learning about Artists and Art History in short fun lessons.


Senior High Book One ..........Price: $42.95

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Disclaimer: I received the above product free in exchange for my honest opinion. No other compensation was given.

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