Saturday, April 07, 2012

How do you renew?

When I first began home schooling my children it was just my two boys and I was pregnant with our daughter. That was three years ago. Today we have a teen, preteen, toddler, and another newborn. I never thought I would be pulled in so many different directions. Don’t get me wrong, I love homeschooling our children and look forward to when the Lord blesses us with more.

Somewhere in all I this I realize a need to gather with other like minded mommas. Do you know how hard it is to relate to everyone else?

You know your non-homeschooling friends, the ones who don’t know the difference between Abeka and Zeezok, they don’t want to talk about methods or how to rein in your little geniuses during bible time. Well for me, I find it very difficult to find friends who can relate. Sure I have blog friends, Facebook and other social online friends but IRL (in real life) I feel a bit lonely, especially since our move.

Last year I had the idea to rent a cottage and do a planning getaway but it just never happened. I still really liked the idea of going somewhere beautiful to organize my thoughts, pray about things and just generally get things ready. God must have heard the cries of my heart because I just came across this page on Facebook:



       Homeschool Moms Retreat


Here is a homeschool mom planning a retreat just for renewing and refocusing us in our homeschool journey. Someone who understands just how much we need to connect with each other, pray with each other, and come away feeling ready and equipped to teach and train our children at home.

She is in the planning stages and hopes to hold the first retreat in 2013. Be sure to stop by and answer the poll!


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