Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Called To A Simpler Life

I recently attended the Midwest Parent Educator’s homeschool conference in Kansas City, MO. I had hoped to turn it into a vacation time for my family along with a refreshing of my momma soul. What actually transpired last weekend was instead an amazingly stress filled wonderful blessing. Yeah that strange! Only God could have imagined this one.
First of all we have a large family and needed to take 2 vehicles. Our two older children rode with my parents which always irritates me since I feel they should prefer to ride with my husband and myself. They of course feel they should ride with whoever lets them do what they wish without consequences. Needless to say I was ignoring God’s leading on letting that one go.
After arriving we settled into our 2 rooms, big family remember, where again the oldest spent all of his time in my parents room. See the trend and why I am aggravated here? At any rate Friday hubby and I took the 2 month old and the 9 year old to the conference with us. The 16 and 3 year olds spent the day with the grandparents and spent some time seeing cool things. I will be planning to make another trip to really spend a good amount of time at these places with all our children.
My husband and I were late, got a bit turned around, and decided to check out the vendor hall. It was so great I found nearly all of our needed curriculum for the 2012-2013 school year. My heart was burdened as I missed all the speakers I had wanted needed to see. You see I was hoping to hear God’s voice on a few matters and thought I had missed it by not seeing the speakers. I know how foolish of me to think that was the only way God would choose to speak to me.
We had decided to visit one more vendor, Doorposts, since I needed to get the If/Then and Blessing chart laminated bundle. As I was talking to the gentleman about what I needed I felt compelled to tell him my troubles in full. Not just gloss over the heart issues we were dealing with. Now this whole time my brain is saying “you are talking too much” which is usually the same time my husband would agree and wander away.
This wonderful vendor worker asked me a question I have asked my self countless times about discipline issues, “Are you and your husband on the same page?”  Unfortunately I know we are not and my hesitation to answer revealed all. He pointed out a little resource we should use to evaluate how we are doing with discipline, A Checklist For Parents. This booklet allows us to check our methods against God’s word without judging each other.
I voiced concern over the fact that my children have become deaf to my voice and no longer listen to me. I was directed to the wife of this wonderful couple and we discussed using Proverbs to teach the children and just cutting back to the basics of reading, writing, and math. After further conversation this couple has been a tremendous blessing in our lives. I am feeling refreshed and much more capable as a homeschool mom. I can see God’s plan for our family a little more clearly now.
In light of this I have made a decision about the content of this blog. As you regular readers know I review for The Old Schoolhouse Crew and have for 2 years. While this has been a wonderful blessing in my life and for our family for many reasons, I have decided to resign.
Focusing on our heart issues and getting us all back on the same page is my goal right now. I find myself getting frustrated with my children, battling anger and yelling far too often and it has affected their faith. That needs to be corrected pronto. I have also purchased Terri Maxwell’s Homeschooling With A Meek and Quiet Spirit and Study Guide. I am anticipating a wonderful time with the Lord teaching me to be the submissive wife and meek mother he desire’s me to be so that our family can function in His ways.
NOTE: I contacted Doorposts to thank their representative couple, Greg and Traci Piper, and found out they did have a speaker session. If you ever have the chance to hear them speak take it!

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