Tuesday, May 01, 2012

Ring Around The ABC’s…

My daughter turned 3 about a month ago and she is forever asking to do school. However, her idea of school is more organic than mine. She is completely happy to jump around while counting or doing the alphabet but me being me I try to teach her. What? She is having none of that, thank you very much!
In order to try and get her engaged in learning the alphabet in order, which I admit in the grand scheme of things doesn’t really matter, I decided to make it a game. She LOVES games! I took the first 6 letters and wrote them on 6 pieces of construction paper (5 3/4’ X 9”) of assorted colors. I placed 6 chairs in a back to back fashion (think musical chairs) and put one letter on each chair seat. I played music and when it stopped she had to climb on the nearest chair and tell me what letter she landed on. Apparently all letters were the letter “A” today but she got the idea.IMG_0553
After a bit I changed it up and asked to move around the chairs doing various actions with each letter (tap letter “A”, turn letter “C” upside down, hug letter “E”, etc.). To get her ready for our reading curriculum I finished off by using the scripted words and asking her to go in order starting with “A” and having her tell me “What Letter?” and she did great. She was so super excited and she followed my directions for the most part. I think this may be a great way to do lots of her schoolwork. IMG_0551
So now I of course had to make “real” cards that would last since the quickie ones I made were crumpled by the end of 40 minutes. I have some cute ones you can print out as a set for free HERE. If you’d like something more specific let me know.

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