Saturday, November 15, 2008

Another view November 15

So today Craig and I went to an open house at Ultrasona. We got to try on a couple different baby wraps and see some things from a local baby boutique, so cute! We also were treated to a FREE mini ultrasound. The facilities are lovely and very cozy compared to my hospital u/s last week. The tech showed us a few views of monkey baby and then she switched it to 3D. It was so amazing, we watched as our baby yawned a few times. We got set to leave and the tech handed us pictures, I was a bit taken a back because they were the 3D shots of the yawn. Very generous since this was just a freebie. We also got a great view of the bottom and can now say monkey baby is all girl.
We went to lunch at Applebees which was filling but not very tasty, I had a grilled Cesar Salad. Immediately following we drove to Historic downtown St. Charles and found a quaint little baby boutique by the name of Lovely Lullabies (222 N. Main). We purchased some body products for this momma's skin and I can't wait to try them out. There were some very innovative products and some simply adorable furniture. I told Craig I'd buy a certain canopy crib if we had the money, but if I had the money I'd buy a lot of things, lol! Gotta go try my yummy mommy products and fear not, I will definitely be posting my opinions.
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A Gracious Home said...

A fantastic picture of baby. My daughter just had her little girl a couple of weeks ago. I can't believe we will have two babies at Thanksgiving and Christmas. Doylene


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