Thursday, November 20, 2008

It's All in God's Plans

I was having a hard time this evening with trusting in God for our lives. I admit I am a bit nervous right now. We depend on my hubby's job for income and are expecting our third child. We are letting God plan our family size and are trying to follow His lead in the rest of our lives as well. Tonight I just needed to talk to Him, so I prayed a bit, asking for guidence and strength. I am hopeful now.

My husband is in the military and is up for re-enlistment Jan 31 09. He has been dealing with medical issues and has to undergo a medical evaluation to determine whether or not he may re-up. We are crushed but ok even if it means he has to leave the military and find employment elsewhere. Our problem comes from his unit, it seems no one their is in any big hurry to get the evaluation underway or give us any information. We are left to assume that on Jan 31 he will be out of the military. However he can not just go find another job since he can't make any commitment to anyone until that magic date. It has been very stressful on him (I lean more heavily on the Lord than he does during these times) and his days off and holidays have been messed with during this also. We do not honestly know anything from day to day.

In trying to find some comfort and reassurance in our convictions to embrace the large family lifestyle (we have only in the last year or so begun our walk with God) I came across this wonderful post at Generation Cedar . It lifted my spirits and helped me feel my Father's loving hand guiding my life. So things may look bleak, but God has a plan!

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A Gracious Home said...

I will be praying for you and your family. I hope everything works out. Doylene


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