Sunday, November 16, 2008

Toys R Us Sucks

We decided to have the boys do their Christmas lists online to save time. So we proceed to TRU to scan in some toys a such, whereupon we were informed that you can not scan in wishlist items only baby registries. How in convient, my children take about 30 minutes to fill their list running through the store and it has taken about 2 weeks to find itmes on the website. I am less than pleased! On top of all this you can only add items if they have the "special" add to wishlist link, which not every item has. For example, every video game my oldest wanted had a special $10 off $30 and 90 days free financing offer and so was not included to add to wishlist. This is like this for every popular thing he wanted, verrry frustrating. So we still do not have complete wishlists and momma is getting very irritated. Needless to say I suppose Walmart is looking better and better!

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A Gracious Home said...

I think the stores will all have a lot good buys this year. My daughters and daughter in law do my shopping. I wish I were the type that already had everything bought and wrapped.Here in Russellville, AR, we are getting so many new stores. Next Christmas there will be no reason to go out of town. I hope you find everything you want to buy at the best price. Doylene


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