Thursday, March 25, 2010

Field Trip Today

So we were supposed to go to a Missouri Conservation Nature Preserve to take a Nature Journal class today. It rained! we went to the St. Louis Science Museum instead. We spent about 5 hours there and we all had a wonderful time. We really got to take our time and play with all the "toys" and we went to the special exhibit area, which we never get to do. It was called Dinosaur Exploration and was very interesting. We had to keep up with the boys because they had too much fun going from one dino to another and back again.  Did we learn anything? Yes I believe so, did you know that some dinos had a feather like coverings? Apparently in recent excavations and study it has been discovered these dinosaurs were not reptilian but more bird like. It was quite an eye opener. I took some pics with a dinky disposable since like a dummy I forgot my camera but hope fully will get some up here next week (pray they turn out).

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