Tuesday, March 16, 2010

TOS Crew Review #2

"Molly's Money Saving Digest January 2010, Evaluate,Prioritize, Organize" published by The Old Schoolhouse is the second e-book I was invited to review from The Old Schoolhouse as a part of the Homeschool Crew. I was in no way compensated for my review other than being allowed to keep the free copy of Molly's Digest I was asked to review. This one really floats my boat because I am a military wife and we ALWAYS are looking for ways to save some money! I am familiar with Molly Green's Econobuster's  and have frequently checked out her advice; but what I haven't done, that I now wish I had, was subscribe to her digest. After all it is only $4.95 an issue. After reading this one I am hooked for certain.

I really loved the candid articles and wonderful pictures that accompanied them. Each issue is organized around a central idea (good for those of you like me who tend to wander, lol), and is chock full of great ideas.  There is always Molly's Minute, where she lays it on the line. Begin With The Basics is excellent for teaching those homemaking skills,a list of things that would be on sale this month, special holidays to celebrate, and then there is my favorite, organizational tools. This section is the meat, full of awesome printable charts and planning sheets for anyone who needs to budget and save.  Also included are ways to decorate on the cheap (and not look like you did), and a whole week of dinner menus (including shopping list).

There is an entire section for teaching kids the ways of being frugal and finacially wise too! I don't want to spoil the goodies inside this gem but Molly really has a great resource for you. So many great links and printables to use to save you some money and improve your home and school while doing it, and for such a great deal. If you buy 5 you save $5 how cool is that, it's like getting one free. And since they are downloads you have them in your hands right away.

Now of course what review wouldn't be complete with out a suggestion, right? I suggest you load these onto your book readers and enjoy during those long waits at the dr.s office or what have you. By the time you get home you'll be so ready to tackle those stumbling blocks in your path!


Sheri said...

This is a lovely review-I liked it best out of the two.

I am up late and just wandering thru some blogs, and I found you via the Workbox Blogroll. I am checking out some other workboxers and ideas...but I also see you are trying out for the TOS crew-which I have been a part of since the start 2 years ago. :0)

Nice to meet ya! Oh, wanted to mention
one thing you need to be sure to do with any review (TOS or otherwise) is to note somewhere in the actual post, that you received (name the product) from whom (name company) and that is was (free or whatever) in exchange for your honest opinion and that you did or did not receive financial compensation for your review. That new law came into being at the beginning of the new year-and carries a $10,000 fine [not sure if they would actually fine folks, but just to be safe...]-which is not good. :0/

Anyhoo-stop by and visit my workbox blog (http://www.ideas4theworkbox.blogspot.com) or my review blog (http://www.1of100TOScrewreviews.blogspot.com) if you want. Would love to have you stop by!

Blessings and good luck with the TOS try-outs.

First Mate Sheri

Mrs. Mandy said...

Thanks for the info I did these in two parts but actually meant to post together. I know I did put this on my other review but I will edit this one also. I have visted your blog and love it. Thanks for the help and advice.


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