Saturday, March 20, 2010

Lil Bits School

(we went with trays for now instead of the drawers)
So I have been spending the better part of the last few weeks training my 12 mod to "Please give Mommie back the boys workbox tags, thank you." I kept thinking what could I do to get her to leave their boxes alone. She has at least progressed beyond just putting said tags into her mouth and is now putting them "away" which essentially means almost anywhere but sometimes in the boxes. I finally decided to make her a set of boxes for some of her new playthings to go in and make her some tags too! It is working beautifully and if I get some time this weekend I will be posting pics to show how much she likes it. Right now she has her Tag Jr., Violet Pal, soft blocks, rubber duckie, and 2 other books in there and she hasn't mastered the drawers yet (they don't open as easy as big brothers' since they are newer) but soon I am sure. I also introduced her to the Color Wonder markers and paper with a resounding crinkling she approved. She is just growing so fast, becoming more interested in how things are used then how they taste!

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