Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Learning a new language

Lately my precious little girl has been having bouts of some severe frustration with us.
So hubby and I decided to look into using a few signs to teach her. Thinking this would give her some control over her little world and help us to understand what she wants.
I set out with Connor in tow to learn a little about American Sign Language or ASL for short. After I Googled (did I mention I heart Google) it and found what I was looking for here. It is a video dictionary for American Sign with and exhaustive list of words. You can search for a word alphabetically and then watch the video to see the sign for that particular word.

It took me a bit longer to learn the signs than Connor and I had to watch the videos a bit more as they are done rather quickly but all in all very easy to learn. It was after about 10 minutes I noticed the little tab at the top that said ASL For Babies. I clicked it and was taken to a page specifically for infant sign, Awesome!
So far we have learned the words Mom, Dad, brother sister, drink, food, more, bath, sleep, no, and stop. Deirdre has picked up sleep, more, food, drink, and no very quickly. She hasn’t used them to tell us on her own yet but when I ask if she is ready to sleep and sign it she will sign it back and head for her room or my arms.
Hopefully after a little while she will be able to tell us what she needs with out us asking first. Then we will have a happier baby!


Heidi said...

I absolutely love the look on her face in the first picture! Priceless. We did sign with my youngest when he was a baby. I would recommend the dvd by Baby Einsteins - he watched that a few time and the signs just stuck with him. It's a great video!

Mama Manuscripts said...

She's a cutie!

I first used sign with my son starting at 18 months or so because he was not verbal. It was a huge help. With my daughter I started when she was really wee and we found the online ASL dictionary which my son loved. I've already started with our newest addition. I hope it is helpful for you!

6intow said...

We loved signing with our kids. It makes such a dent in the whining. It takes them a little while to catch on, but once they do it is a wonderful blessing. Praying you find the same experience with your little cutie!


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