Saturday, June 12, 2010

Timeline is coming down!

Before I take down our timeline we created for this school year I thought I'd share it in some pictures and explain how we had set it up. We don't have much wall space to put up a time line and since we were using Ambleside Online as our curriculum for the boys we just had to have one! I loved the idea and so I set out to make it work.

First, of course, I Googled and searched the web to see how other home school families used timelines. I came across Higher Up and Further In where they color coded their cards by civilizations. I thought, hmmm...perfect! So I followed her directions and came up with our own color coding. We decided to categorize our events/people into four groups Politcs, Arts, Medicine, Inventions.

 So we had 1 timeline for each boys history. 1 for Ancient history and 1 for Modern history.  We only did the coding for the Modern since it was a wider variety of events but I think it worked well. The boys really enjoyed putting up the newest card and reading all the ones already up.  It was great as a built in review and towards the end of the year they had cards that actually brought the two time periods together and they needed to put cards onto the others timeline.

So changes I am making for next year...I will probably color code the clothespins, make a distinction somehow of the centuries, and  have the kids type up the labels for each card so it is more legible. Go here to see some other great examples of timelines and how tos!

Do you make a timeline?  How do you construct and display it in your home?  If you do please post a link I'd love to see them!


Penny said...

I like the idea of using the walls going down the stairs - I may have to try that, too.

Mrs. Mandy said...

Penny, Thank you I'd love to see what you do with yours!!!

Samvach said...

Great timeline! I like the way in which the different kinds of events were color coded. Every year I set a goal of putting up a timeline and every year I fall short. Sigh!


Jennifer said...

This is really neat! I keep wanting to do a timeline, but space is at such a premium in our townhome. I was thinking of trying it in a 3-ring binder or perhaps in a folder with accordion-fold pages.


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