Thursday, December 30, 2010

So many thoughts

running through my brain. I am having some trouble focusing on any one thing. It’s like the craziness of the holidays has engulfed me. I have schoolwork to correct, a house to put to order, a tugging pain in my heart for a unknown child in the Father’s arms, a rebellious son wreaking havoc, thoughts of inadequacy, and physical ailments to top it all off. In short I am exhausted, cranky, frustrated, angry, sad and my back is killing me (ice is my friend right now). I hopefully will be able to form a coherent thought in the next few days. Right now I just want to point out I have some reviews coming up, we had a lovely Christmas that turned into something  atrocious, and we were all sick with head colds. Happy New Year everybody! May this year be the last year I give Santa credit when it is God who is Glorified.  We are so very blessed by the Almighty even in (especially) our times of suffering.


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Anonymous said...

A simple "I'll pray for you" may not be felt to quickly lift your spirit, heal your nose, sooth your chest, give you rest, clear your mind - but know that we love you - and will be praying for you as you recover! You are not alone - and we are all feeling the exhaustion of the year end. :) Hugs to you my cyber friend!


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