Saturday, March 12, 2011

From Math Hater to Math Whiz!

Ok I don't know about anyone else but I always hated math and was awful at it. We have used in the last 2 years MEP (a lot like Singapore Math, which we will be using next year, but used in England from Hungry), Math U See Beta and Gamma, ALEKS, and Ten Marks along with fact review in various forms (timed tests, computer programs, oral reciting, multiplication squares, wrap ups, etc.). I have a 9th grader doing Algebra who has greatly improved his facts memorization and 3rd grader who has gone from tears over any math problem to waking early and doing his math on his own and doing it well. I myself over the last two years have by teaching my boys noticed my mental math ability to be increasing and I am making connections I never got in my school days. It is awesome I am learning right along with them. I was so blown away last night as I realized I am raising at least one child to whom I have taught multiplication, me the math hater!! And he loves it!! I am so humbled by this realization.


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