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Classical Academic Press ~ TOS Review

Classical education is a part of how we home school. We adore Charlotte Mason’s methods of teaching these subjects and use short lessons whenever we can. We love reading classic stories and great literature and find great joy in learning classical languages. For the past 2 years now both my DS15 and DS 8 have been studying Latin. I studied it in high school myself and can appreciate how wonderful it truly is.
Learning a new language is daunting to say the least, teaching it is downright scary. I was so blessed to be able to use Classical Academic Press this year for my boys and put them into a different level for their second year. We have been using Latin for Children A and Song School Latin which are wonderful products and I encourage you to read the reviews at TOSCrew. I have received another blessing from Classical Academic Press in the form of Latin Alive, my DS15 Latin for high school.

Able to be used by someone who has never studied Latin, Latin Alive is a very full program that starts at the beginning. Geared to grades 7 and up this is a great secondary Latin curriculum. I felt there was so much in each chapter that we could take our time and really delve deeply into each one. Using a teacher’s manual, student text and DVD/CD lessons we were able to learn not only Latin but history also.

“Students will be delighted by what they learn in each new chapter of Latin Alive! Book One, and they will learn to see that Latin is everywhere around them. As the first text in a three-year series, it is a rigorous and thorough introduction to this great language, and is designed to engage the upper school (middle and high school) student. Brimming with relevant facts and stories this text offers something for everyone.
  • Thirty six weekly chapters including twenty nine new content chapters and seven review, “reading” chapters.
  • Pronunciation Guides
  • Weekly introduction of vocabulary
  • Thorough grammar explanations including all five noun declensions and cases, all verb conjugations, irregular verbs, various pronouns, adjectives and adverbs
  • United States state seals and their Latin mottos
  • Extensive study of the Latin derivatives of English words
  • Substantial Latin readings and translation exercises
  • Lessons and stories of Roman culture, myths and history
  • Exercises and questions to prepare students for the National Latin Exam and the Advanced Placement Exam
  • Includes historical contributions from Christopher Schlect, historian and Academic Dean at New Saint Andrews College, Moscow, ID” (from the site)
We were also excited to discover the enormous amount of resources Classical Academic Press puts on their site in the form of worksheets, charts, online flashcards, stories, and coloring pages. The dvd instructor even has a blog, how cool is that?  They also created Headventure Land an online games site that makes studying classical subjects fun. headventurelink

Oh and before I forget be sure and join the Yahoo Latin Alive Group for more Latin fun!
If you are interested in teaching Latin to your student you can’t go wrong with Classical Academic Press at any age. For our specific high school needs Latin Alive is amazing. Now if I can just resist trying to “do it all”!
Latin Alive is a 3 year series the first 2 of which are ready for purchase. “
Latin Alive 1 Bundle (includes TM, student book & DVDs) is a great buy at $139.95
Also may be purchased separately. Click here to buy!
Please be sure to stop by TOSCrew to see the other reviews because Latin Alive is only one of the products reviewed.
Disclaimer: As a member of TOSCrew I received, in exchange for my honest opinion, a free copy of the Latin Alive curriculum.

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Latin Alive was one of our favorite reviews this year! Great blog- I'm following you now :)
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