Friday, March 25, 2011

TOS Review ~ Big IQ Kids

Big IQ Kids is a mastery based program and children can not move forward in the program until each level is mastered. Your kids can customize an Avatar that interacts with them throughout their lessons. The avatars guide them in learning the lessons and cheer them on during tests. Each lesson is hosted by a virtual tutor who instructs your child within the lesson program.

DS8 enjoyed the learning games and the various spelling activities but did find it challenging at times.
I had DS15 also use this program and even he found a challenge in it so it is very good at meeting your abilities. He found the notepad in the math section very helpful and enjoyed that he could add notes to the interactive states map.
I love that I could use this for my kids to get a full days lessons when we were short on time or for a filler on those rough days. It comes in very handy for extra work and the games are fun although some are not necessarily educational.
Our main negative was that on some upper level words my ds 15 had trouble understanding the computerized voice and I think it would be better if it were a real voice. Some words were mispronounced and words for spelling were changed in form for the sentences used (song to songs for example). However you can report problems very easily and they respond quickly adjusting the program where needed.
It is a great way to keep your kids on target and fine tune their trouble spots. You can preload a specific word list for spelling, pick and choose which math problems to work on and really get a good picture of how they are doing with the reports pages, which are printable. I would say that with a little added curriculum this could be part of a very cost effective way to homeschool your child.
The are multiple Pricing Options available.
Disclosure: I received at no cost to me a subscription to the above website in exchange for my honest evaluation of the service provided. I have not received any other compensation.

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