Sunday, May 08, 2011

Happy Mother’s Day

I wanted to show you all what my sweet hubby and children got me for Mother’s Day.
That’s right we now have our very own Soda Stream Genesis! I love it and could not wait to use it.

I had hubby read the directions and went and gathered the children to watch our first endeavor. We had gotten a sample pack so they picked out 2 flavors, since it comes with 2 bottles.
I settle the girl on a stool right up front but still a safe distance “just in case”, hey we were using compressed air ya know! Well suffice to say when we realized our mistake she was very unhappy indeed.
I pushed the button and immediately drenched our counter, mixer, floor, myself, AND the girl. It seems when you have 2 parents both trying to assemble something super simple it is the little things, like screwing the bottle on to the mixer, that get missed. I laughed and went to change myself and the girl, who was now a bundle of tears. She is now taking a much deserved nap.
I should let you all know soda is made and in the fridge to chill. I hope this is a start of a beautiful thing, it would certainly give my diabetic son son great options and not have to worry about his sugar intake a bit. I will update everyone when we have used it a little more and I have tried some various flavors.


alecat said...

LOL! I would have had just as much 'fun' trying it out for the first time, I'm sure.

mommyx12 said...

What a cool gift. Sounds like you had fun giving it a whirl.


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